Run, run, run

This morning I completed a half marathon (21.1 kilometres) in perfect cool and overcast conditions.

Running with hundreds of other people, all sharing the same goal of reaching the finish line was joyful and motivating. Beating the challenges of a 6:30am start, running up hills and making it to the finish line is much easier when there are other people to run with.

What a great start to the day!

Turning clouds into silver lining – changing potential negatives into positives

Last night I experienced a liberating, fun and challenging class of air yoga. Air yoga is form of yoga using hammocks suspended from the ceiling.

My plan after class was to catch the train back into the city. As I walked to the train station I saw the train arrive and ran to meet it. Unfortunately, it departed just as I arrived to the platform and the next train wasn’t for another thirty minutes.

Instead of cursing and burdening my mind with negative thoughts about the situation, I took it as an opportunity to eat dinner at the nearby cafe strip. I enjoyed my fish and chips and was happy and back at the station ready for the next train 🙂