What does being positive mean?

To me, being positive means:

  1. listening intently to what other people say and basing my response on what they said instead of what I think they said
  2. asking for clarification instead of assuming
  3. looking from a ‘what’s possible’ viewpoint
  4. carefully considering other points of view
  5. focusing on synergies
  6. orienting towards solutions
  7. smiling 🙂
  8. focusing on the 99% positive, not being irritated by the 1% negative
  9. being grateful for all the good things in life
  10. being hopeful
  11. not gossiping about other people
  12. focusing on the present
  13. looking towards the future
  14. having a ‘can do’ attitude
  15. being with other optimistic/like-minded people
  16. shedding unnecessary burdens
  17. valuing community
  18. loving family and friends
  19. greeting others
  20. saying thank you
  21. living for the moment
  22. focusing on what excites me
  23. seeking the assistance of others
  24. respect for both myself and others
  25. complementing other people

What does being positive mean to you?