Fresh food is delicious

Yesterday morning I enjoyed the drive to my favourite farmers market. It’s my favourite farmers market because the produce is both fresh and very good value. I also like to buy from farmers markets to support local producers.

One of the first stalls I saw had beautiful, large and very fresh heads of broccoli. I usually walk to the end of the market to see what is available before buying on the way back. However, this broccoli looked so good I bought two heads straight away.

Another market highlight was the citrus season in full swing with local mandarins and oranges for sale at several stalls.

The broccoli inspired me to make soup and not long after arriving home I had a large pot of broccoli and potato cooking. The soup, topped with croutons made from bread bought at the baker’s stall, was a delicious meal, Yum!

Showing appreciation

I’m working through my final week of work after more than 5 years on a project.

Leaving an organisation on good terms provides an opportunity to express appreciation for the assistance and friendship provided by colleagues.

I’ve also been heartened by the amount of compliments I have received.

I’m very grateful to have worked with many caring people on the project.